Summary of the method on making money with streaming

  • Make a Facebook Page or a Main facebook Account in which this will be made to promote your streaming links
  • Create Sub Facebook accounts (Same as Mother and Child Method but with Facebook)
  • Add friends per account
  • Apply to facebook groups depending on the niche you’re choosing ( documentaries / children / Indian and etc. ) Usually though if you’re promoting a English movie or series you can just join any English speaking group.
  • Download a trending movie you can get it at fmovies or 123movies or gomovies or if you want you can go torrent ( I’m not related to any of these sites. They’re my preferred movie sites)
  • Upload the movie on your mother facebook page or account ( then have your child accounts share it to other groups ).

Things to make this work.

  • Jarvee
  • Sim Adaptors. Check the following site for Sim Adaptors. If you’re willing to go with dongles then check this thread here.
  • Identity generator. Preferred sites are #1 and #2. Ideally to make it much better is just scrape out instagram/facebook profiles to make it more legit and keep a tracker of their profile so if ever they post something you can just update it on your end.
  • Multilogin

#1 — Proxy

  • In my country. I get sim cards for like 0.60 cents to 1$. Insert the sims to the adaptor and activate the connection per sim then connect to your computer, enable USB tethering from your phone and then disable LAN or WIFI so that you can use the connection of your phone. for changing connections when creating you can just select another sim from the menu then activate the connetion and repeat the steps above.

#2 — Browser

There are 2 ways to go with this.

  1. Use a clean browser with some extension. Use Chrome and create a new profile, name it and add WebRTC Leak Prevent, Random User Agent and Ghostery. These extensions help you to stay clean for every account.
    Close your browser, open the Windows bar and write this: chrome — profile-directory=”PROFILENAME” — incognito, here you have your clean browser and the perfect proxy.
  2. Use multilogin and create a new fingerprint. No need to add a proxy as you’re using the mobile connection already. Then set it to MAC not win32 when creating accounts. From my experience I never had any issues with the accounts created this way.

#3 — Account creation

Email Creation

  • Go to and create an account that will be paired up with your email and verify with your phone #. There are some instances though that I am able to create accounts directly without any need for any phone verification but it’s rare thing. Usually occurs when I get a Virgin IP from my sims. Alternatively aswell you can create your google voice account and get a free number if you want to take things further.
  • This is just a countermeasure if you by chance you created account that didn’t request a phone to be linked. Go to Account Settings -> Security -> Add your own Recovery Email -> Enable Less Secure Apps.

Facebook Creation

  • Create your facebook Account using Multilogin or with the other method specified above
  • Verify the account using phone # and email
  • Fill up the bio with the information you got. You can just have it randomize.
  • Add a profile picture and cover photo
  • Follow facebook tutorial settings such as liking a few pages / adding a few friends and whatnot.
  • Once completed Don’t add any links or start posting shit. You would need to warm up the account first.

#4 Growth formula

  • Put the account in jarvee
  • Get a set of post and have it scheduled post on jarvee. You can randomize the time like a normal person would post. Either have it on a specific day every 6 hours or every 3 it depends on you. Just randomize it with what you want. You can get random quotes here #1 and #2
  • Extract members from pages or groups in which you can utilize the jarvee function of / utilize the find friends function in jarvee. Guide here
  • Sent friend requests. Just friend requests no need to add anything or send a message. Limit the sending of requests from 20–30 for the first week then increase by 20 in the next week and so on and so forth. Change the intervals times for sending friend requests (just mix it up.
  • Just keep on posting and liking pages and act like a normal facebook person would do. While joining groups 3–5 groups per day.
  • For the Mother Account. Must recommend it to be a Facebook page. Pin a post that will redirect them to your website with all your videos there.
  • Keep on posting atleast 1–2 Trending movies or series (atleast 1–2 episodes) on your facebook page and share it to your child accounts.

#5 Monetizing

  • I don’t use those streaming services such as rapidvideo / gounlimited and the likes. Due to it being slow and some ads are really uncontrollable and earning is low compared to what I’m doing. In which what I use is Google Drive / Amazon Drive / Microsoft One / Dropbox for my Video Links. But mainly I focus on Google Drive.
  • Follow this guide to properly setup the hosting of your videos on this platform ( google drive) Check it here
  • Once that is properly setup. This is how I monetize the Videos.
  1. I’m pretty sure you guys watch youtube and some porn videos in which they display intro ads.
    That’s what we’re going to do in which we’re going to be adding an Intro Ad display to the videos we’re going to upload. So it’s either going to be from an e-commerce store. A CPI link with global tracking. A website you can promote. Amazon website for the best gadget reviews. Whatever you have in mind and what you can do.
  2. The videos I’m going to upload on facebook will be the bait in which this will be used to gain views and visits to our mother account. Now that video will contain an AD that will work globally. Either a CPI program or an E-commerce store.
  3. To maximize this is I have a Website that has a tracker in which injects the Intro AD into the videos depending on the location of the user. Same as what you have in youtube and will auto rotate to a different ad if the same user watches another video and have a clickable link.
  4. If you’re just starting you can just get mass video blaster. I purchased one when I got the trial in which they have a set feature that you can append intro directly to multiple videos or watermark.

Bonus Tips!!!

  • Google drive does ban related accounts that use their service as a streaming host. So what will happen is you can utilize the google photo’s method just like this one
  • You can use aswell setup a streaming proxy server to mitigate the traffic that will be coming to google drive so your drive will be protected in which that’s what I use. You will need multiple ones.
  • My conversion rate in terms of my e-commerce and amazon and affiliate network is really high and is approved my affiliate networks. Of course amazon doesn’t know.
  • This is just my twist and have been using it for how many months now. You can start slowly and have it until you get your money to invest. I have my scripts in automating the process from verification / switching to sims for internet connection / Uploading videos / Auto naming and adding subtitle / notification list for new movies from my sources. So that’s why I upload fast.
  • In regards to posting to groups. Always post a video that is related to your group. For example if the group is into novels or writing. You can post related movies such as nottinghill or any of those kind of movies.
  • Always switch up to different accounts when posting each day per group.
  • Once you have friends from each of your child accounts. You can just share a single post from main account for further reach.

I have 46 accounts running with close to 5k friends each and creating more while the day goes.
I’m taking my path slowly. Don’t ask me about my earnings or in regards to that. My earnings will depend on your level of understanding. If you think that I’m all bluff and not earning anything. Then you’re choice lol.